The Housing Choice Voucher Program (commonly referred to as Section 8) issues vouchers that pay a portion of the monthly rent for privately owned units. The Housing Authority of Elgin screens applicants and provides eligible households with a voucher (also referred to as subsidy). Vouchers may be used to lease a unit from any landlord in Elgin eligible to participate in the program.


Households in this program earn 30% of area median income or less to qualify, and pay the portion of rent and utilities not covered by the voucher - typically 30 to 40% of their monthly income.


Eligibility requirements for the Housing Choice Voucher Program differ from those of other programs.


The HAE administers 913 vouchers for participants who reside in approved privately owned housing throughout a large portion of Kane County and Elgin’s Cook County.


Section 8 Housing Search

The Housing Authority has partnered with, to provide an enhanced program to list rental properties on line. Listings are available to potential Housing Choice Voucher tenants seeking apartment units, duplexes, single-family homes or town-homes in the private market. If you have any questions regarding registering, creating or viewing property listings, please contact the GoSection8 toll free help line at 1-866-466-7328.



Partner Portal

Landlords can access their information over a secure internet login connection. Through the portal, landlords may view Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) activity by tenant; view inspection schedules and the status of completed inspections; retrieve and complete forms for ownership certification and annual renewals



Jurisdiction for Housing Authority of Elgin

East/West Dundee
Elgin/South Elgin


St. Charles


North Aurora

Sugar Grove

The are the cities for Elgin Housing Authority administers the Housing Choice Voucher Program. A majority of the area is the Kane County area. There are other housing agencies that may administer the same program for cities not listed above

Payment Standard Schedule

Effective Date 12/4/2013 0 Bedroom 1 Bedroom 2 Bedroom 3 Bedroom 4 Bedroom 5 Bedroom 6 Bedroom
Payment Standard $717 $815 $966 $1,231 $1,436 $1,651 $1,867


FY 2014 Income Limits

Kane County, Illinois - $73,600 (Median Income)
  1 Person 2 Person 3 Person 4 Person 5 Person 6 Person 7 Person 8 Person
Very Low $25,800 $29,450 $33,150 $36,800 $39,750 $42,700 $45,650 $48,600
Extremely Low $15,500 $17,700 $19,900 $22,100 $23,900 $25,650 $27,450 $29,200
Low $41,250 $47,150 $53,050 $58,900 $63,650 $73,050 $68,350 $77,750


HUD Forms

• HUD-52665 Family Portability

HAE Forms and Information

• HAE Request for Change in Income

• Notice of Intent to Vacate

• Section 8 Housing Search Log

• Moving In Do's and Don'ts

• Landlords Direct Deposit Authorization Form