Dear Landlords of the HCV Program,

Recently we have been experiencing many section 8 properties being sold without the Housing Authority being notified, in many cases the new owners are unaware the property has an HCV participant residing in the unit. This has been causing many financial issues on the Housing Authority side.  

We ask moving forward, if any property is being sold to please contact the Housing Authority of Elgin immediately. Once we are aware the property is sold, we can effectively stop the HAP payments. We also ask if you continue to receive HAP payments, please do not forward them to the new owners, as this also causes issues. please contact the HCV Manager at 847-608-4403.

In addition, all HCV participant residents should be notified if the property they are residing in is being sold, and who their new landlord is. It is also imperative for the new owner to contact the Housing Authority as soon as possible so we can set up a 30-minute briefing to review our program and complete the proper documentation required for all new owners.  It is important that the landlords know what is expected of them and what they can expect from the housing Authority.


Thank you

Housing Authority of Elgin

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