Damon E. Duncan
Executive Director/Chief Executive officer

With over 24 years of public housing experience, Mr. Duncan has served small, medium and large PHA’s in the Midwest, Southern and Eastern states.

Damon E. Duncan was appointed to the position of Chief Executive Officer of the Housing Authority of Elgin, Illinois in January of 2012. Prior to serving in this position, he held high level positions with ClesiaVentures and IMC Consulting, where he served as principal/owner and senior manager respectively. Prior to that he was the Director of HOPE VI Development for the Detroit Housing Commission where he was responsible for the implementation of two HOPE VI projects.

Educationally, Mr. Duncan holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology from Eastern Michigan University, a Master of Science in Administration from Central Michigan University and a Master of Real Estate Development from Auburn University. Mr. Duncan has also completed the Rutgers University / PHADA Executive Director’s Education Program. Mr. Duncan also holds numerous public and affordable housing certifications and distinctions.

Albertina Ceballos
Chief Administration Officer

Tina Ceballos was hired as Administrative Assistant in May of 2008 and prompted to Executive Assistant later that same year. Prior to this position she worked as a Nextel Sales Representative in Torrance, California.

She has over 6 years of administrative experience working at The Housing Authority of Elgin. Ms. Ceballos started as administrative assistant providing administrative support to the Executive Director. Aside from administrative support she now ensures compliance in procurement, client files and other various web systems.

Ms. Ceballos is certified in Low Income Housing Tax Credit compliance. Ms. Ceballos holds numerous other public and affordable housing certifications and distinctions.

Martell Armstrong
Chief Operating Officer

Martell Armstrong has been a public servant in the field of affordable housing for thirteen years in various capacities of leadership covering four states throughout the Midwest and Southeastern regions of the country.

Mr. Armstrong assumed the role of Chief Operating Officer of the Housing Authority of Elgin, Illinois in January of 2019. He has previously served as Executive Director of the Inkster Housing Commission and the Lansing Housing Commission. He has also served as the Manager of Housing and Community Development with the Longview Housing Authority.

Mr. Armstrong attained his Bachelor of Science Degree in Sociology from the Appalachian State University in May of 2000. Mr. Armstrong also holds many housing industry certifications from various accredited continuing education organizations.