Staff Directory

Phone Number
Martell Armstrong Chief Executive Officer
Front Desk/ Reception (847) 742-3853 Ext 421
Jennifer Mir HCV Manager 847-608-4403
Tina Ceballos Chief Administrative
Mark Keyes Inspector Ext. 409
Santos Mancilla Inspector Ext. 410
Natalie Yandell FSS Coordinator Ext. 414
Carmen Hernandez Section 8 Specialist Ext. 407

ACC Management Group

Maria Arroyo Compliance Assistant Ext. 408
Sarah Carigan Leasing Assistant Ext. 420
Scott Sanderson Community Manager 847-608-4413
Michele Detert Property Manager Ext. 413
As you all know, we are in a State and National Emergency concerning the Coronavirus Pandemic.
Efforts to minimize the spread of the virus have been introduced.
We will not facilitate any face-to-face contact with any outside parties until further notice.
All inspections have been cancelled until further notice. For inspections involving emergency or life threatening conditions please contact the HUD Field Office at (800) 955-2232.
HAE is committed to providing an optimal level of customer service while also being mindful of your personal health and safety as well as the wellbeing of your families and loved ones.